Welcome to Newcastle’s most family friendly studio, MAXI-JAZZ!

As Maxi-Jazz’s Owner & Principals, Mrs Maxine and Mrs Ylanda are both mothers, we understand how important it is for all students of all ages to be surrounded by positive and caring role-models and have a fun, positive and encouraging dance environment.

Our mission is to provide a professional and family friendly service, with quality lessons that ensure our students and families are receiving the best dance experience and education to encourage their passion and love of dance.

Studio Values

Providing a quality dance education and inspiring students to fulfil and explore their LOVE OF DANCE

Our passionate staff build positive relationships through knowing and valuing each and every student and strive to see positive GROWTH in them by providing a nurturing SUPPORT system within the studio.

We desire to create an environment within the studio where students are able to feel ACCEPTANCE from others and themselves through the art of dance.

Our studio promotes a culture of value and RESPECT for students and their families.

We’re proud to help students gain CONFIDENCE through the art of dance and obtain life skills to conquer the world!

By creating magical moments, flourishing friendships and family connection, we are dedicated about creating a HOME AWAY FROM HOME for all our students.