Here at Maxi-Jazz we believe that we offer a quality dance education for all students and we’re proud to stand behind our curriculum and classes.

We understand that choosing the right dance studio for your family is important, and that’s why we’re offering all NEW students to Maxi-Jazz a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! We are sure that you will love our teachers, classes and feel a part of our dance family straight away. However, if after 30 days you feel the student did not receive any positive outcome, we will happily refund you your class fees.

The 30 day Money Back Guarantee is based on the following conditions:

  • Students must participate in each and every enrolled class/es in its entirety, during the 30 days from their first class
  • A refund of class fees only will be given from enrolled and attended classes within the 30 days, this does not include the costume fee or registration fee
  • After the 30 day period of which the student had first started, this guarantee is null and void