Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enrol in a class?

If you have found a class or classes that you would like to enrol in, all you need to do now is phone, SMS (0402 025 792) or email us to enrol in your chosen class/es. (Mobile available Monday’s to Friday’s 10am till 2pm only)

Please make sure that you do enrol in any class before turning up as classes may be cancelled, changed or full.

How do I know what class is right for me?

Please send us an email on our contact us page as we will let you know what classes are suitable for you / your child.

What do I wear on my first class?

Our studio colours are Black and Hot Pink, we do have a large variety of Maxi-Jazz uniforms in our Dance Retail Shop available at very competitive prices to purchase, otherwise you are welcome to wear anything that you already have at home within the studio colours. Your class teacher can advise you if it is suitable or not.

As for shoes, we recommend that you wear little black slip-on or canvas shoes, nothing chunky like joggers and definitely no jiffies as they are too slippery.

Once you have decided that Maxi-Jazz is the right studio for you and are happy to commit to the class/es, you will need to purchase the correct footwear for your class/es and make sure you have an appropriate uniform to wear to class each week.


Why do we have so many rehearsals?

We many extra rehearsals to practise our routines with the other students from the same classes that dance on different days (e.g, Junior Jivers Tap is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at different locations). As we also have 200+ students performing all together in the finale, we have to go thru our positions, lines, bows, and entry and exit points.

This is a chance for the students to get together with all students in their routines and go over their steps and positions.

We also have professional photos taken for parents and families to purchase, costumes to be tried on and handed out.

The 1st theater rehearsal is required for students (especially new ones) to get familiar with the theater, stage, props, dressing rooms and surroundings BEFORE we add the extra part of costumes, hair and make-up.

Why are rehearsals on a Friday afternoon / night?

In the past years, Maxi-Jazz has had extra rehearsals run on a Friday afternoon/night. However in 2017, due to having classes on Friday afternoons, we have decided to make our rehearsals on a sunday for the benefit of all students.

Why are the theatre rehearsals some years on a midweek afternoon / night?

As Maxi-Jazz has classes running on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and we are not allowed to hire the theatre on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we have chosen the day where the least amount of classes are held, so we do not miss out on too many normal class times.

Why are rehearsals not held at my normal Studio Venue?

Our extra rehearsals are held at a venue that is suitable for our needs. It requires to be large enough for all our 200+ students to fit in all at once, and still be able to dance, have a seated area for watching and a practice area for positions. It also requires to be in a location that is not too far from either our Wallsend or Edgeworth Studio venues as these are our main locations from where our students travel from. The venues for extra rehearsal may vary from year to year depending on availability, but for the past few years we have had them at Jesmond High School Hall as it is large enough to cater for all students.

I am unable to attend an extra rehearsal do I have to pay the full rehearsal fee and do I have to notify someone?

Yes, you still have to pay the full rehearsal amount and you will need to notify your teacher in writing so we know what rehearsals you will miss out on.

We strongly advise that you set aside all the dates for rehearsals and concerts at the beginning of the year so that students don’t miss out on the compulsory and very important rehearsals.

Why is there an extra fee for rehearsals?

This extra rehearsal fee covers the cost of the extra hall rent, theater rehearsal fees and extra teachers wages. This fee covers all extra Sunday rehearsals and theatre rehearsals.

The rehearsal fee is due within the first 2 weeks of term 4, prior to the commencement of the rehearsals. We also offer a payment plan where you can do part payments in terms 2 and 3 to spread out the cost over the year.


Do students have to stay for whole duration of the concert?

Yes, all students must stay out the back with helpers until the end (after the finale) of the concert.

Can I go out to the audience between the 1 and 2 half?

No. Due to security reasons and the time of signing students out and back in, you will not be allowed out to the audience during intermission.

As a parent, I would like to help out the back with students changed and ready what do I have to do?

You will need to fill out the ‘Helpers Wanted’ slip that was attached to your note about rehearsals and term 4 information. Once you have handed it back in, you will then receive a ‘Volunteer Declaration’ form to be filled in. Once this form is returned, you will receive your helper’s tags the week of the 1 rehearsal. ALL volunteer Declaration forms MUST be back before TBA If this is not complete you WILL NOT be allowed backstage. This is the law, not just our rules, and it ensures that safety of all students.

Do I have to buy a ticket for the concert/s?

Yes, just like any other concerts you will need to purchase tickets.You will be advised in class all the details about the prices, when the go on sale, pre-sale etc. Ticket costs are approx $25 for children under 13 years and aged pensioners, and $30 for adults 13 years and over.

If you are helping out the back you are not required to purchase a ticket but will not be able to watch the concert side stage due to OH&S and security regulations.

Both concerts are the same show so there’s no need to purchase tickets to both concerts unless you would like to watch it twice.

“Family orientated. Caring dedicated staff. Amazing concerts”
– Amanda, Dance Parent of Maxi-Jazz

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