Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio Frequently Asked Questions

“Great teachers! You don’t have to make costumes and you know what the costs are from the beginning.”

– Rachel, Dance Parent of Maxi-Jazz


How do I enrol in a class?

Enrolling is easy!

Simply give us a call on 0402 025 792 or email at and we’ll get you started!
Alternatively, you can enrol online through our online system and create your very own parent portal –

How do I know what class is right for me/my child?

We offer students to come along for a placement lesson to as our teachers will ensure the class chosen is the right one for your child! Our normal class fee is payable for this lesson however upon registering for your chosen class, it will be taken off your term fees.

Are parents/guardians allowed to watch the classes?

Throughout our experience over the past 30 years and with the support of our families, our classes at Maxi-Jazz are purely focused on learning for our students. To ensure that this learning environment is 100% right for them, our studio rooms and classes are exclusive for our students only.

Our families at Maxi-Jazz absolutely love the class progression notes they receive on the amazing parent portal, and are thrilled to look at the videos and photos that they receive each year.

Do you have a trail lesson?

Yes, we offer students to come along for a placement lesson to as our teachers will ensure the class chosen is the right one for your child! Our normal class fee is payable for this lesson however upon registration, it will be taken off your term fees.

What is included in the fees?

Aside from our quality lessons and amazing experience, you will also receive 2 brand new costumes for the end of year concert, a free welcome gift for new students, sticker reward chart or book for our Mini Students for their lessons, progress class notes, private photos and videos uploaded throughout the year to your personal parent portal as well as access to concert music for home practise.

What do I wear on my first class?

Our studio colours are Black and Hot Pink, we do have a large variety of Maxi-Jazz uniforms in our Dance Retail Shop located within our Wallsend studio, otherwise you are welcome to wear anything that you already have at home within the studio colours. Your class teacher can advise you if it is suitable or not.

For a full list of suitable uniforms and shoes required for our classes and different styles, please see our Uniform page

For shoes, we recommend that you wear little black slip-on or canvas shoes, nothing chunky like joggers and definitely no jiffies as they are too slippery.

Once you have decided that Maxi-Jazz is the right studio for you and are happy to commit to the class/es, you will need to purchase the correct footwear for your class/es and make sure you have an appropriate uniform to wear to class each week.

Do students have to particpate in the end of year concert?

Upon registration, all students are automatically placed in our concerts. Imagine all students having the confidence to dance in front of their families and friends in their glitzy costumes with beautiful hair and make-up, to show off what they’ve been working towards all year in class. Our concert’s are designed to make all students feel like a star in a production, it’s all part of the overall experience here at Maxi-Jazz
Here at MJDS we have 2 separate programs and concerts, Maxi’s Mini’s (ages 2-9) and Maxi’s Mighty’s (ages 10 and up). Both the Mini’s and Mighty’s concerts are designed to go no longer than 2 hours, inclusive of intermission and any presentations.
However if you wish for your child not to participate in the concerts, written notification is required upon registration to avoid costumes being ordered and positions given.

And the fun stuff!

Each term we hold a disco or a movie night for students to attend, as well as having an out of uniform day on the last week of each term.

These discos and movie nights are a great way for students to meet new friends outside of their classes and our out of uniform days have our students leaving for their school holidays on a positive note and eager and ready to come back to learn more.
Throughout the school holidays we also have themed Fundays where students and their siblings or friends can come along and dance, do crafts, cooking and other activities with lunch and snacks provided whilst getting to know their teachers and peers (and giving parents a well-deserved rest).

“Family orientated. Caring dedicated staff. Amazing concerts”
– Amanda, Dance Parent of Maxi-Jazz

Connect with us now for more information about enrolling with Maxi-Jazz!