Acro dance is a new style that we have introduced to the studio for 2015. This class is designed to help students learn the basics and correct technique of many acrobatic steps such as handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, backbends and walkovers. It starts with a full stretch to prepare your body and will also help increase flexibility and strength. To ensure the safety of all students, this class is instructed by a professional Gymnastic coach using appropriate equipment for beginners, as well as extra staff members to help assist students. Whilst Acro classes are fun and exciting, they are also challenging as acro is a physically demanding activity which is why we currently only offer this for students over the age of 8 and at a beginner level.

As of 2017 we are introducing an Inter/Advanced Acro class for those that have passed the beginner level and wish to progress to more advanced acrobatics.

This class is a NC class, which means it does not participate in the annual concert. It is based on a term attendance and doe snot run thru the school holidays.


Ballet is based on techniques that have been developed over centuries. It uses music and dance to tell stories. Ballet is a strengthening, disciplined and stylised dance style that includes graceful movements such as pointed feet, jumping, stretching, leaping and turning.

At Maxi-Jazz we dance to more modern songs from Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, The Fairies, and many more children’s songs that they can recognize.


BoxFit is a 45 minute low-impact, high-energy cardio workout that focuses on fitness and toning, whilst using boxing training techniques, drills and combos. Its the best stress revealing, fat burning workout ever! Most of it is pad work which requires a partner, however don’t stress if you don’t have one, it’s not a necessity, although is much with your friends! (see our Casual Class Page for more information)


Our casual Burlesque class is one for the “yummy mummies” and adults out there. It is a great way to shimmy back to shape and put a lot of fun back into fitness! Our instructor will ease you in slowly, and everyone has a great laugh along the way so there’s no need to worry about your less than perfect dance moves. If you’re looking to get some exercise, have a lot of fun and morph into a confident seductress, then burlesque could well be for you – you could even take a friend along for an alternative night out. We also have a concert Burlesque class which is a little more conservative and aimed and designed for our Inter and Senior Students.


Cheerleading is a very physical type of dance that includes components of dance, motions, jumps, cheers, tumbling and stunts. It can be danced to all types of music, but mainly fast paced songs. Our cheerleading style includes all aspects of Cheerleading, however due to very disciplined physical training and equipment required we are unable to teach the larger stunts, throws and tumbles that can be seen on the movies such as ‘Bring It On’.

This year at Maxi-Jazz we are introducing Competition Cheer!


Contemporary is a blend of ballet and modern dance. It builds a strong centre and combines precision leg work with fluidity of the torso. Contemporary dance encourages self expression, natural movement and personal interpretation.


DanceFit is a combination of Jazz, Latin, Zumba and Hip Hop designed as a cardio, core and body strengthening fitness class. It’s a class for all adults with little or no dance experience who just want a casual class with no concerts, costumes or commitments, just to keep fit, active, have fun and make some friends along the way!

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a dance style that is free, funky, fresh expression of movement as seen in film clips of Rhianna, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.


Jazz is an energetic, fun and entertaining style of dance consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps, high kicks and fast turns. In this style, students are encouraged to add their own personality to make each step unique and fun. Like all of our styles, each class is started with warm-ups, stretching and basic Jazz technique both in the centre and travelling across the floor, as well as learning the fun stuff like cartwheels and splits.

There are many different types of jazz, all of which can be seen on TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.
Our jazz is danced to a variety of music, from fun old songs to all the new music.

Mini Mover Jazz
A class designed for 2 – 6 year old students for both girls and boys, as an introduction to dance in a fun and caring environment. It combines fun, fast jazz moves to all their favourite songs from Hi5, Wiggles, Disney movies and many more. This class helps develop their skills not only for all the basic dance moves and rhythms, but co-ordination, musicality, following instructions and gaining new friends, all while having fun in a positive and encouraging environment.

Occasionally, our Mini Movers are invited to perform at different events such as the Newcastle Show and Mattara Festival, which gives them confidence and an opportunity to get up on stage in front of their friends and family prior to the annual concert.

This is the class we would recommend if your child has not done dancing before as it is a constant, a fun introduction to dance and teaches them the basics they will need to know for other classes too.

Please keep in mind that these ages are a guideline only, that all children must be able to communicate and follow instructions from teachers.


JFH is a combination of Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop dance. Bringing the old with the new to create funky fresh new routines to all the latest music. JFH can be seen in music clips of J-Lo, Beyonce and One Direction.


Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques and is a “cousin” to those styles. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics in the chosen song. Because lyrical dancing focuses on the expression of strong emotion, the style concentrates more on individual approach and expressiveness than the precision of the dancer’s movements. The emergent lyrical style has a relatively recent history and a genesis based on the coming together of ballet with rock/folk/pop/alternative music and a variety of jazz dance styles and modern dance.


Tap is a special form of dance in which dancers wear special shoes equipped with metal taps. In Tap, you use your feet to create rhythmic patterns to music, or sometimes without.

Tiny Tappers
Our Tiny Tappers classes are like our Mini Mover classes, but LOUD! Because Tap is mainly done with different sounds made by your feet, as well as using your arms, it requires a little more concentration and understanding of the basics of dance, timing and rhythm. This is why we recommend that students be at least 3.5 -4 years or danced before prior to starting Tap.


This class is designed for students 10 years plus and is ideal for any aspiring dancer!! Every student that takes part in this class will notice a dramatic improvement in all dance styles!!

Our tech and cond. class will help tone dancers as well as help them build strength and flexibility. It helps develop and maintain great technique on all basic dance steps including jumps, leaps and turns, as well as students learning and working on how to become more flexible and how to stretch properly and safely and the importance of warming up before exercise and cooling down afterwards. They learn to develop their core strength and how to use their flexibility in the correct way when dancing or performing tricks.

This class is a NC class, which means it does not participate in the annual concert. It is based on a term attendance and does not run thru the school holidays.


non-Concert Class

Our Tiny Tumblers class is based on our Open Acro class but caters for our younger student’s ages 4 to 6 years that require a little more time, attention and simplified instructions. It is a term based class only (still receiving a school holiday break) and these students are not required to participate in our extra performances or annual concerts throughout the year. The Maxi-Jazz registration fee will still needed to be paid (yearly not by the term) and must be paid in full within the first 3 weeks. Our Maxi-Jazz uniform is still required for this class however there are no costumes and no costume fee to be paid.