Term 1 2018

Term 2 2018

10 weeks for all Concert Classes
12 Weeks for all Advanced Classes
WEEK 130th April

All Classes resume back!

1st May2nd May3rd May4th May5th May6th May

7th May8th May9th May10th May11th May12th May13th May
WEEK 314th May15th May16th May17th May18th May19th May20th May
WEEK 421st May22nd May23rd May24th May25th May26th May27th May
WEEK 528th May29th May30th May31st May1st June 2nd June 3rd June
WEEK 64th June

Public Holiday
-No class

5th June 6th June 7th June 8th June 9th June
10th June
WEEK 711th June 12th June 13th June 14th June 15th June16th June

AASCF Winterfest Competition in Sydney

17th June

AASCF Winterfest Competition in Sydney

WEEK 818th June19th June 20th June21st June 22nd June 23rd June24th June
WEEK 925th June
26th June
27th June28th June

29th June30th June
1st July

Mid-Year Showcase

2nd July

Student Spirt Week

3rd July

Student Spirt Week

4th July

Student Spirt Week

5th July

Student Spirt Week

6th July

Student Spirt Week

7th July

Student Spirt Week

8th July

Student Spirt Week

WEEK 119th July

First day of School Holidays

(Comp classes only)

10th July

11th July

Acro Workshops

12th July 13th July 14th July 15th July
Week 1216th July 17th July

Winter Wonderland Funday

18th July

Greatest Showman Workshop

19th July 20th July 21st July22nd July

Term 3 2018

10 weeks for all Concert Classes
12 Weeks for all Advanced Classes
WEEK 123rd July

All Classes resume back!

24th July25th July26th July27th July28th July

SHINE Christmas in July Event

29th July

30th July31st July1st August2nd August3rd August 4th August5th August
WEEK 36th August7th August8th August9th August10th August

Wallsend Winter Fair Rehearsal

11th August12th August

Wallsend Winter Fair Performance

WEEK 413th August14th August15th August16th August17th August
18th August19th August
WEEK 520th August21st August22nd August

PoundFit Workshop

23rd August24th August25th August

Cheercon Competition @ broadmedow Station

26th August

Cheercon Competition @ broadmedow Station

WEEK 627th August28th August29th August30th August31st

PJ Movie Night

1st September2nd September
WEEK 73rd September4th September5th September6th September7th September8th September9th September
WEEK 810th September11th September12th September13th September14th September15th September16th September
WEEK 917th September
18th September
19th September

80’s Jazzercize Night

20st September

21st September22nd September

23rd September
WEEK 1024th September

Different Uniform Week

25th September

Different Uniform Week

26th September

Different Uniform Week

27th September

Different Uniform Week

28th September

Different Uniform Week

29th September

Different Uniform

Last Day of Term 3 Classes

30th September

Different Uniform Week

WEEK 111st October

Labour Day

First Day of School Holidays

2nd October

Mattara Festival Rehearsal

3rd October


4th October

Big Bow Event
(Jo Jo Inspired)

5th October6th October7th October
Week 128th October

Trolls Funday

9th October
10th October11th October12th October13th October

AASCF Spring Carnival in Sydney

14th October

AASCF Spring Carnival in Sydney

Term 4 2018

7 Weeks for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Classes
6 Weeks for Saturday Classes
Rehearsal Dates & Photo Day for Term 4 are To Be Confirmed
Studio is Closed between Monday 18th December to Monday 8th January 2018
WEEK 115th October16th October17th October18th October19th October20th October

ACE Competition @ Broadmedow Basketball Stadium

21st October

ACE Competition @ Broadmedow Basketball Stadium


22nd October23rd October24th October25th October26th October27th October
28th October

29th October30th October31st October


1st November2nd November 3rd November4th November
Extra Rehearsal
WEEK 45th November6th November7th November8th November
Full Dress Rehearsal
9th November10th November11th November
Extra Rehearsal
WEEK 512th November13th November14th November15th November16th November17th November18th November
Extra Rehearsal
WEEK 619th November20th November21st November22nd November23rd November24th November25th November
Special Event
WEEK 726th November27th November28th November29th November30th November1st December2nd December
WEEK 83rd December
4th December 5th
6th December7th December 8th December
9th December
Prestentation Day
WEEK 910th December11th December12th December
13th December
15th December
16th December17th December
WEEK 1018th December19th December
20th December
21st December
22nd December
23rd December
24th December