Our Story

Our journey at Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio started with founder Maxine Johnson in 1987, orginally known as Maxi-Jazz School Of Dance.

Maxine created a studio culture full of love, support, amazing performance opportunities for all students and a leader in the dance industry for over 20 years.

In 2007, Maxine’s daughter, Ylanda Robinson took over as Principal, continuing to lead the studio to new heights. Ylanda continues to nurture the family culture and provide opportunities for the hundreds of families that have passed through the doors over the past 35 years, and as what is now know as Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio.

Maxi-Jazz was the original studio in the Newcastle area to develop and create wonderful events for our families. These include movie nights, pizza parties (some of which were even held in Ylanda’s living room), discos and more! This trend has now caught on over the past few years and allowed us to truly deliver a magical experience for our students with many years of pathing the way for others.

We have learnt, grown and developed so much over the past 35 years and will continue to share our passion for the performing arts, lead the way in ‘doing things differently’ for dance studios, and empower students to become more than they ever imagined possible.