Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio Frequently Asked Questions

“My daughter always has a smile on her face when she goes through the doors. Everyone is friendly and encouraging and makes you feel welcome”

Fiona Cranney, Parent of a Youth Student at Maxi-Jazz


Enrolling is easy!

We have an online system where you can create your very own parent portal –

This personal parent portal is an amazing tool that will give you access to:

  • Our current classes for enrolment
  • Newsletters and information
  • Upcoming events and performances
  • Allow you to print and print your statements
  • Pay tuition online
  • View students photos and videos
  • Access to the concert music for at home practise
  • and much more!

We’d love to find out more about you or your child’s personality and goals before enrolling in a class to make sure we have the best fit class.

Connect with us now to find out more about our different styles and programs

Throughout our experience over the past 30 years and with the support of our families, our classes at Maxi-Jazz are purely focused on learning for our students. To ensure that this learning environment is 100% right for them, our studio rooms and classes are exclusive for our students only.

Our families at Maxi-Jazz absolutely love the class progression notes they receive on the amazing parent portal, and are thrilled to look at the videos and photos that they receive each year.

Here at Maxi-Jazz we believe that we offer a quality dance education for all students and we’re proud to stand behind our curriculum and classes.

We understand that choosing the right dance studio for your family is important, and that’s why we’re offering all NEW students to Maxi-Jazz a Introductory Month with a Money Back Guarantee! We are sure that you will love our teachers, classes and feel a part of our dance family straight away. 

As new students and their families enter our MJDS dance family, they will be welcomed and supported by our nurturing team. Each student will settle in their classes an become familiar with their new environment, teachers and class curriculum over these first few weeks, which is why we offer this introductory month, instead of just one lesson.

However, if after one month you feel the student did not receive any positive outcome and gain confidence within the classroom, we will happily refund you your monthly fee. 

The Introductory Month Money Back Guarantee is based on the following conditions;

– Any student new to Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio can enrol for an Introductory Month of Dance in ANY chosen class/es, within the relevant age group. One full month’s tuition will be charged to your account (per class) and must be paid in full prior to the commencement of your first class. Upon completion of your introductory month, fees will continue to be charged to your account for the remainder of the dance season as per policy 1.5 in our full T&C’s and debited from your nominated credit card as per our Auto-Pay procedures outlined in policies 1.8 & 1.10. Any applicable catch up fees (as per policy 1.7) will also be charged to your account at this time and debited as a part of your next months payment. However, if you feel that Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio is not the right studio for you and your family, written notification must be provided by the 14th of the current month, and no further tuition or catch up fees will be charged to your account. You will continue to be charged for classes until written notification has been received. Written notification is accepted only as an email to

– Students must participate in each and every enrolled class/es in its entirety, during the month (30 days) from their first class

– The introductory month start from the 1st of each month and finishes at the conclusion of the month, no matter what the start date for the student is (eg, is a student wishes to join in the 2nd week of the month, th full month fee will still be required and the first lesson will be forfeited). Due to this reason,we recommend students start at the beginning of the month to ensure the full benefit of the Introductory Month.

– A full refund will be given from enrolled and attended classes within the month (30 days) excluding the $35 catch up fee as this portion is allocated to help cover your annual MJDS Registration which is still required to be paid for insurance liabilities. 

– After the completion of the one month (30 days) period of which the student had first started, this guarantee is null and void



Aside from our quality lessons and amazing experience, your monthly all-inclusive installment includes the following;

    • 1 x Weekly class tuition
    • Class resources
    • Class progression notes each term 
    • A class video each term 
    • Concert Music for home practice
    • 2 x Brand new costumes for our annual concert
    • Professional individual and group photos
    • Professional concert photos
    • Concert T-Shirt
    • Annual MJDS registration fee
    • Concert rehearsal fee
    • GST and all processing fees

Our Tiny Twirler students even receive a FREE Dance Uniform!

Our studio colours are Black and Hot Pink, we do have a large variety of Maxi-Jazz uniforms in our Dance Retail Shop located within our Wallsend studio, otherwise you are welcome to wear anything that you already have at home within the studio colours. Your class teacher can advise you if it is suitable or not.

For a full list of suitable uniforms and shoes required for our classes and different styles, please see our Uniform page

For shoes, we recommend that you wear little black slip-on or canvas shoes, nothing chunky like joggers and definitely no jiffies as they are too slippery.

Once you have decided that Maxi-Jazz is the right studio for you and are happy to commit to the class/es, you will need to purchase the correct footwear for your class/es and make sure you have an appropriate uniform to wear to class each week.

Imagine all students having the confidence to dance in front of their families and friends in their glitzy costumes with beautiful hair and make-up, to show off what they’ve been working towards all year in class. Our concert’s are designed to make all students feel like a star in a production, it’s all part of the overall experience here at Maxi-Jazz. For this reason and many more that you’ll discover along the way, upon registration, all students are automatically placed in our concerts.

Our mid-year concert is optional for all our students but is a great introduction to the stage with having no costumes or no hair or make-up. Just simply the students showcasing their talents and progression during Terms 1 and 2 for their family and friends.

This is a great opportunity for students to gain confidence and feel comfortable on stage with their fellow peers.

Worried about the hair and make-up aspect of concerts? 

We know it can be a little daunting for parents, but it’s also one of the most exciting aspects of performing for all dancers. We like our dancers to wear makeup because it lifts their face above the brightness of the light on the stage.

For our Mini dancers, only light stage makeup is needed (foundation, blush, eye shadow and lipstick, anything else is optional such as mascara). And for their hair, our Twirlers look super cute in their pigtails whilst our Petites and Juniors are super easy with their curly hair wiglets, all you need to do is a bun and pin the wig over it! We LOVE ease here!

For our Mover and Mighty dancers, full stage make-up is required. This includes the basics of foundation/powder, blush, browns and gold eyeshadow, red lipstick (we highly recommend LipSense Blu Red as it doesn’t come off on anything), mascara and brow pencil. Hair is a slicked back donut bun for most of our dancers, as Hip Hop is normally a high ponytail.

Yes! The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the new Active Kids program and we’re thrilled to be a registered provider for both the Creative Kids and Active Kids vouchers! Please click here to find out more information.

Our mission here at Maxi-Jazz is to provide a professional and family friendly service with quality lessons that ensure our students and families are receiving the best dance experience and education.

As part of this mission we’re offering our families with 2 or more siblings our SIBLING PERKS.

2 siblings enrolled at MJDS will receive…

  • $10 Voucher for each sibling to spend at MJDS Retail Shop
  • 2 x Complimentary Mid-Year Showcase Tickets
  • Complimentary Showcase DVD (Digital Copy)
  • Photo Package Bonus

3 or more siblings enrolled at MJDS will receive…

  • $10 Voucher for each sibling to spend at MJDS Retail Shop
  • 4 x Complimentary Mid-Year Showcase Tickets
  • Complimentary Showcase DVD (Digital Copy)
  • Photo Package Bonus

If you would like your child to do more than 1 class per week, all you need to do is add on the lower price for additional class/es, which ensures you don’t double up on items such as the concert shirt and annual registration.

As we have our own Enhancement (Performance) Teams, these groups are invited to do several performances throughout the year at different venues. However, most of these community events are open to our normal classes as well, such as the Wallsend Winter Fair, Mattara Festival, and the Wallsend Family Christmas Carols.

This is a great opportunity for all students to get out there in the community and perform on stage, build their confidence and prepare them for the end-of-year concert by performing in front of an audience. These opportunities for normal groups depend on if the class routines are finished and performance-ready and costumes are done and ready to wear.

While we attempt to give all classes an opportunity to perform, each performance or event’s requirements vary. Due to this, only certain classes are invited to perform as staff carefully consider the suitability of routines, style, ages or music theme along with the venue not offering suitable staging for some styles (for tap example).

We will only be performing routines from this year that are performance-ready, have their costumes completed, and have enough students to perform.

Monthly Installments are based on the total number of instructional weeks in the season, taking into account holidays and other non instructional dates. The total season tuition is then divided into equal instalments to make it easier for our families to budget.

Payments are automatically processed on the 1st of each month.

To withdraw from a class written notification MUST be received 15 days prior to the end of the month you wish to finish attending class. If notification is received after this date, the following month’s instalment will be charged to your account.  No refunds will be given if the student chooses not to attend lessons for the remainder of the month in which notification is received.

And the fun stuff!

Each term we hold a range of events for students to attend. These include a disco and movie nights, out of uniform week and fundays. 

Discos and movie nights are a great way for students to meet new friends outside of their classes and workshops are great to try new styles and improve on and develop your technique and skills furthermore. 

Our School Holiday Camps are a day full of fun and a huge hit with kids and parents! Students and their siblings or friends can come along and dance, complete crafts, and participate in a range of activities with lunch and snacks provided.  

We have a variety of events during the dance season to make sure we cater for all our wonderful students, from the littlest ones at age 2, right up to our adults, including our parents that wish to partake in the fun!

“Family orientated. Caring dedicated staff. Amazing concerts”
– Amanda, Dance Parent of Maxi-Jazz

Connect with us now for more information about enrolling with Maxi-Jazz!