ACRODANCE (Students aged 7+ years)

ACRODANCE (Bronze, Silver and Gold for students in Tweens and upwards / ages 7 and up)

Acro Dance is a stunningly beautiful art form. It is also highly athletic, very difficult, and can be unsafe if not taught and executed safely. It is a genre of dance that seamlessly fuses elements of lyrical gymnastics tricks, balancing, tumbling, and jazz. Students learn Acrobatic tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials, and tumbling lines.

Our AcroDance education program is a strong, effective and innovative curriculum that provides ongoing education opportunities and support for our MJDS Qualified Acro teachers to ensure we’re providing students with the latest safe, efficient and progressive teaching methods.


Our AcroDance Students will love presenting their skills and combining them with dance moves to create a show-stopping routine to perform at our mid-year showcase and annual concerts. 

Please note that AcroDance students MUST attend an additional dance class each week to support their AcroDance journey. Jazz and Ballet/Lyrical, Ballet or Hip Hop and CheerDance/Contemporary are recommended.

Bronze AcroDance – Little to no previous acro experience

Silver Acrodance – Student will be able to confidently perform all of the following:

– Square Cartwheel R & L side, One Handed Cartwheel R & L side, Bridge, Bridge inside-out & Bridge walking, forwards and backwards rolls, Handstand, Headstand and Walkover (assisted or unassisted)

Gold AcroDance – Students will be able to confidently perform all of Silver requirements PLUS the following

– Open Cartwheel R & L side, Shoulder Roll R & L Side, Bridge Recover / Kickover, Handstand into Bridge, Chest Stand, and  Roll-over Bridge Prep.

BALLET (Mighty Students 9+ years)

As ballet is the core of all dancing, we’re offering our Mighty students this class stand alone to ensure they’re focusing the majority of the class on barre and centre techniques and exercises to further enhance their overall technique, flexibility, strength, posture and poise.

Offering 2 routines to be learnt and refined throughout the year, this class is an absolute must if students wish to pursue their passion for dance as a career or wish to thrive on the competition floors!

CHEERDANCE & POM (Mighty Students 9+ years)

* MIGHTY CHEER & POM – Ages 9+ years

Believe it or not there is a difference between Cheerleading and Pom Cheerleading consists of stunts, tumbling skills, chants and a small dance section. Pom has the technical dance skills and is a dance based routine using the cheerleading clean and strong arm motions and jumps with the use of poms. We’ve created a class that has both, with a small variation on the cheerleading aspect due to the tumbling and stunt skills set required. Students will still learn the foundations of both Cheer and Pom and will be able to learn a routine of each. Much like our comp teams this class is full of fun, however is very physically demanding on the body and requires full attendance and commitment, strength and confidence to ensure everyone in the class is learning and progressing together and that students and skills are able to be executed each and every week. But don’t let this intimidate you, it’s also very rewarding, full of new things to learn and promotes great team building!


Cheerleading is a fantastic way of connecting a group of people together and it also promotes team building in a positive way.  Every member is important and there should never be any favouritism, because at the end of the day the flyers cannot fly without their bases and visa versa.  Being part of a cheerleading squad will give you brilliant team-building skills and you will be able to carry these skills with you throughout your working life.  Being a good member of a team is a very valuable trait to have as a person and cheerleading is one of the best ways to practise these skills. 

We love the fact at MJDS the core of our studio is performing and sharing our love of dance, which allows our competition students to also participate in our annual Dance Explosion Concert at the end of the year and truly experience the heart of what Maxi-Jazz has been known and loved for over 33 years.

The competition teams are open to all students no matter what your skill level is, and currently have a team for those aged between 5 and 14.

DANCE CIRQUE (Ages 7+ years)

🎪 Roll up! Roll up! Introduce your child to something new and unique. Dance Cirque Circus classes are at MJDS in Cameron Park! 

🤡 Watch the excitement as your child looks forward to each class as they meet new friends, gain confidence and learn new skills in this super fun class.

🤸DANCE CIRQUE Includes: Interactive circuits, lyra, silks, trapeze, juggling, hula hoops and more all under the supervision of our fully qualified teachers.

HIP HOP & CONTEMPORARY (Mighty Students 9+ years)

This combination class will explore the movements and techniques relevant to both Hip Hop and Contemporary dance.

Hip Hop is fast-moving and energetic, with focuses on such techniques as breaking, popping, tutting and whacking (you’ll have to come to class to find out what those are!). It looks simple when performed but takes work to perfect! Our students love performing Hip Hop as its high energy moves make it lots of fun.

Contemporary dance can take many forms. It is not mainstream and can often challenge an audience to interpret the dance and draw their own conclusions about the meaning. It is very expressive and can also be a lot of fun to perform as students explore emotions and convey these through a range of movements. Contemporary dance allows students a method of communication of feelings and emotions other than the use of speech.

Students in this class will learn one Hip Hop dance and one Contemporary dance for our end of year concert.

HIP HOP & CHEERDANCE (Petite Feet, Junior Jiver & Tweens – Ages 3-8 years)


Hip Hop and CheerDance both involve elements of strength, precision, energy and technique, all of which are explored through a range of methods in this combination class.

Our dancers have the opportunity to learn a range of Hip Hop movements with fun descriptors (such as “I’m cute, put it down” and “Push the ceiling!” ) which can then be easily recalled and used in routines and combinations.

They also learn the fundamentals of Cheer, including lifts (and how to do them safely!), arm placements and also combining elements of pom (which is a different style to cheerleading) with the use of pom poms, always a favourite part of our lessons!

The variety in these classes make them perfect for energetic and active kids who love to use their energy in their performances. Students learn one Hip Hop routine and one CheerDance routine to be performed at our end of year concert.

JAZZ & BALLET (Petite Feet, Junior Jivers & Tweens – Ages 3-8 years)

* JAZZ & BALLET – Petite Feet/ Junior Jivers and Tweens – Ages 3.5 – 8 years

Our Petite Feet, Junior Jivers and Tween programs are designed with a child’s mind at heart, their eagerness to learn and enabling them to flourish within each class. We’ve created set classes that consist of 2 different genres, Jazz and Ballet, that compliment one another whilst still allowing students variety within the one lesson and exposure to a diverse range of dance steps, styles, technique and music.

The foundations of Jazz and Ballet are similar, and are taught simultaneously in these combination classes. Students will learn age-appropriate dance terminology and correct technique, whilst still having the opportunity to explore movement through games and activities.

These are designed to afford students time to learn to understand how to express themselves through movement and refine their execution of a range of steps. But it’s not all serious hard work-  we focus on making sure your child enjoys their class each week!

We use variety and games in our lessons to make sure your child can’t wait to be back in the studio. Students learn one Jazz routine and one Ballet routine to be performed at our end of year concert.

JAZZ & LYRICAL (Mighty Students 9+ years)

This combination class will expose students to a range of techniques relevant to Jazz and Lyrical.

Jazz dance can incorporate a range of dance styles, often depending on the era of the music being used. Often, the traditional technique of Jazz dance is then given a modern flavour. At times, we celebrate past dance movements and fashions by creating period pieces, based off popular dance from that era. It can be almost anything, and our students love the variety that Jazz offers!

Lyrical is an expressive form of dance that can incorporate elements of Jazz, Ballet and Acro, and is often associated with clearly displayed emotional moods and reference to song lyrics. Lyrical is always beautiful to watch, and our students love expressing themselves in this way.

Students will learn one Jazz dance and one Lyrical dance to perform at our end of year concert.

LITTLE MONKEYS (Petite Feet and Junior Jivers – Ages 3-6 years)

🎪 Roll up! Roll up! Calling all 3-6 year olds! Little Monkeys Circus classes are at Maxi-Jazz at Cameron Park!

🤡 Watch your little one gain confidence and learn new skills in this super fun class.

🤸LITTLE MONKEYS Includes: Basic tumbling, interactive circuits, balance beams, silks, juggling, hula hoops and more all under the supervision of our fully qualified teachers.

TAP (Ages 3+ years)

Tap is a special form of dance in which dancers wear special shoes equipped with metal taps. In Tap, you use your feet to create rhythmic patterns to music, or sometimes without.

* PETITE FEET / JUNIOR JIVERS & TWEENS – Ages 3.5 – 8 years

Our Mini Tap classes are stand alone classes that are based off the LGTDA (Les Griffith Tap Dancing Association) Syllabus which we teach throughout our studio. Whilst these classes are based on the student’s age, our qualified teachers are able to adapt lessons to meet all students skills and technical abilities and progression as well as challenging students with its intricate rhythms and combinations.

During the year, all tap students will learn age-appropriate LGTDA Syllabus exam work, to which they have the option to participate in 2 examinations per year, one at the end of Term 2 and one at the end of Term 4. This may however require private lessons to ensure the student is prepared to which your class teacher can advise on this. Tap students will learn 2 tap routines to perform at our end of year concerts.

* MIGHTY TAPPERS – Ages 9 years +

Our Mighty Tappers are stand alone classes that are based off the LGTDA (Les Griffith Tap Dancing Association) Syllabus which we teach throughout our studio. These classes are based on the student’s ability to ensure it meets their skills and technical abilities and progression as well as challenging students with its intricate rhythms and combinations.

During the year, all tap students will learn the Bronze / Silver LGTDA Syllabus exam work, which consists of barre and centre, arm rhythms and tap theory. Our students are then able to take part in 2 examinations per year, one at the end of Term 2 and one at the end of Term 4. Participating in these exams is optional for all students however not only is it already included in your monthly all-inclusive pricing but we highly recommend this experience for all our mighty students.

Our Mighty Tapper classes are available for all our Mighty Students (Youth, Preteens, Inters and Seniors). If you’re unsure of what level class you should be in, please see our class guide below:

Mighty Bronze Tappers – Is recommended for students with nil or a few years dancing experience. This is where all new students to MJDS or our current students moving up to the Mighty Program will start so that our Tap teachers can assess each student and place them in the appropriate level class.

Our Mighty Bronze tappers curriculum is based off LGTDA Bronze Medal, Bronze Star and Bronze Medallion.

Students will be able to participate in exams for these if they choose (to be taken in Terms 2 and 4- costs are included in the all-inclusive monthly fee).

Mighty Silver Tappers – Is recommended for students that have tap danced for a few years in the mighty level, have a sound knowledge of tap terminology, rhythms and sounds and can execute them confidently with clear beats. Steps students can confidently execute include, but are not limited to the following: 3 Beat Wings on both and one foot, Double Pick-Ups, Single & Double Waltz Time Step, Single Time Step & Break, and Full and Half Rhythm.

Our Mighty Silver tappers curriculum is based off LGTDA Silver Medal, Silver Star and Silver Medallion.

TECHNIQUE (Mighty Students 9+ years)

Our technique classes are designed for students in our Mighty classes upwards and are ideal for any aspiring dancer! Every student that takes part in these classes will notice a dramatic improvement in all dance styles. 

All our technique classes also offer students complementary learning materials including Youtube videos, worksheets and regular testing to ensure progress and at home support.

Technique classes are vital for dancers and will help develop, continually improve and maintain their technique and posture, as well as tone dancers and help them build strength and flexibility.

TINY TWIRLERS (2-3 years)

The start of your child’s dance education is so important to us! Our staff are all passionate about dance and know how amazing this  journey can be for your little one.

We also know what a big deal it is leaving a 2 or 3 year old in our care. So, we work very hard to ensure that our classroom is a safe place for your child where they will feel loved and accepted and be happy to come along each week.

We also make sure that our Tiny Twirlers have lots of fun! Early education is all about play, so we focus on teaching fundamental movement skills through games and activities, engaging your child’s imagination and developing sensory perceptions.

Your child will be in a small class and have the opportunity to use a range of props and equipment to get the most out of their lesson.