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All of our Dance Cirque, Little Cirque, Little Acro and AcroDance teachers must undergo training before delivering the programs and maintain the training with on-going courses, training updates and support from Dance Cirque and Acrobatic Arts Head Offices. They also all must hold a valid Working with Children Check and CPR and First Aid Certificate.

Little Cirque will learn how to juggle using scarves and balls. They will learn basic tumbling skills such as forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, donkey kicks, log rolls, and more. Students will also learn a variety of skills on the aerial silks, and continue to learn more as our aerial trapeze is introduced over the year. The program also incorporates fun with play elements to help with their development. It is very interactive and has lots of elements to help get children ready for big school such as; identifying colours, answering to their name, following instruction and so much more.

We recommend starting from no younger than 2yrs old.

Although students are in the one Little Cirque class, there are 2 main age groups within this program, 2-3yrs, and 4-6yrs which students will follow their age specific level cards

In Little Acro, all students are again in the same class. Although they don’t have split age group level cards, they will be given age and level appropriate skills.

Each program is catered to that age group and where they are in their development. That is why we always ensure multiple teachers in each class which keeps students within their appropriate age groups and development requirements.

Both classes run for 45 minutes

Apart for having bubbly and friendly staff that just LOVE their littlest students, we ensure our classes have upbeat music, bright coloured props and a few other secret ingredients!

We also use equipment and stations to ensure they are constantly moving such as a balance beam, acro mats ( for their acro skills ), hula hoops, tunnel and juggling scarfs. Another way we both engage and educate our students is through the use of picture paddles. These pictures they use to identify animals for warm-up such as; run as fast as a cheetah or jump as high as a kangaroo. We also use them to help your little ones find their station such as; jump like a bunny to the tunnel.

We always ensure there is always a trainer at each station to ensure that they are doing the skill correctly and safely. This is also to ensure if a child does run to the equipment they can be stopped by that teacher at the station.

There is a set of skills and drills in each level after they successfully complete the card they will then get a certificate and move up in levels.

This is the same for Little Monkeys, Dance Cirque and AcroDance classes

No, it doesn’t matter as we encourage each student to work at their own levels within the class. We work in a circuit rotation allowing the students to work at their own pace through the progression cards and skills with the teacher.

At the end of each semester (term 2 and 4) we invite families into the studio to watch their lesson and see all of the incredible things that their student has learnt.

No it is not gender specific. Little monkeys has something for every child and allows them to interact with other students. It has many interactive elements which is suitable for all genders such as identifying different animals.

Throughout our experience over the past 34 years and with the support of our families, our classes at Maxi-Jazz are purely focused on learning for our students. To ensure that this learning environment is 100% right for them, our studio rooms and classes are exclusive to our students only.

Our families at Maxi-Jazz absolutely love the class progression notes they receive on the amazing parent portal and are thrilled to look at the videos and photos that they receive each year.

Here at Maxi-Jazz, we believe that we offer a quality dance education for all students and we’re proud to stand behind our curriculum and classes.

We understand that choosing the right dance studio for your family is important, and that’s why we’re offering all NEW students to Maxi-Jazz an Introductory Month with a Money-Back Guarantee! We are sure that you will love our teachers, classes and feel a part of our dance family straight away.

As new students and their families enter our MJDS dance family, they will be welcomed and supported by our nurturing team. Each student will settle in their classes and become familiar with their new environment, teachers, and class curriculum over these first few weeks, which is why we offer this introductory month, instead of just one lesson.

However, if after one month you feel the student did not receive any positive outcome and gain confidence within the classroom, we will happily refund you your monthly fee.

Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

Enrolling is easy!

We have an online system where you can create your very own parent portal – https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/maxijazzdancestudio.

This personal parent portal is an amazing tool that will give you access to:

  • Our current classes for enrolment
  • Newsletters and information
  • Upcoming events and performances
  • Allow you to print and print your statements
  • Pay tuition online
  • View students photos and videos
  • Access to the concert music for at home practise
  • and much more!

Dance Cirque colours are purple and red!

This class is done bare feet and LONG tights and a fitted shirt/singlet/crop are a must for all students!

This purple with red trim and logo crop top is super comfortable and easy to move in making it perfect for Dance Cirque students on silks and circus apparatus. The fabric has been carefully sourced to reduce slipping that can occur with other fabrics. Crop Top looks great when teamed with the matching leggings.

“I ran away and joined the CIRCUS” This purple with red trim racerback singlet with logo to back is designed to be tight fitting making it easy to move in and perfect for Dance Cirque students on silks and circus apparatus.

We also love the purple Dance Cirque shirts, which match our teacher’s shirts too!

Alternatively, our studio colours are Black and Hot Pink!

We do have a large variety of Maxi-Jazz uniforms, as well as the Little Monkey Unitards, Skirts, and Shirts, in our Dance Retail Shop located within our studio. You are welcome to wear anything that you already have at home within the studio colours. Your class teacher can advise you if it is suitable or not.

All-inclusive monthly instalment for Little Cirque or Little Acro classes (over 11 months, Feb-Dec) is $77 and includes the following:

  • 1 x Weekly class tuition
  • Class resources
  • Class progression notes each term via your parent portal
  • A class video each term via a private link on your parent portal
  • Annual MJDS registration fee
  • GST and all processing fees

All-inclusive monthly instalment (over 11 months, Feb-Dec) for Dance Cirque or AcroDance classes is $84 per month and include the following:

  • 1 x Weekly class tuition
  • Class resources
  • Class progression notes each term 
  • A class video each term 
  • Annual MJDS registration fee
  • GST and all processing fees

Yes! The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the new Active Kids program and we’re thrilled to be a registered provider for both the Creative Kids and Active Kids vouchers! Please click here to find out more information.

Monthly Installments are based on the total number of instructional weeks in the season, taking into account holidays and other non-instructional dates. The total season tuition and all your additional inclusions are then divided into equal installments to make it easier for our families to budget.

Payments are automatically processed on the 1st of each month.