Meet our amazing MJDS Team!

“The staff are dedicated, beautiful women with a true passion for dance and performing who create a positive environment for young girls. Excellent role models for our growing daughter”
– Carla, Dance Parent of Maxi-Jazz

<span id="MAXINE">MAXINE JOHNSON</span>


Owner and Director

Hi my name is Maxine Johnson, I have studied since the age of 3. Competing in Latin, Ballroom, New Vogue, and studying in Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary. I am a qualified Adjudicator and coach and have received my ACHPER Certificate (Australian Council for Health and Physical Education)...

I opened Maxi-Jazz in 1987 and have trained many students who have successfully opened their own studios, with Ylanda now at the forefront as part owner and principal, bringing such a passion of dance, new ideas and development to our family friendly studio. It is a new beginning to our studio after 30 years of operation!

FUN FACT: I love spending time with my grandchildren!

I Love it all.

SHORT MESSAGE: No matter what age, ability, gender or physical obstacles, make sure you keep your passion of dance alive by having fun and participating!!

<span id="YLANDA">YLANDA ROBINSON</span>


Director, Owner and Senior Teachers

Miss Ylanda, Principal and Owner of Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio has been dancing for over 30 years. Styles that she has studied over these years include Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pom, Acro Dance, Contemporary, Pointe, Hip Hop, Funk, Cheerleading, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue.
Ylanda has been teaching for the studio for over 20 years now, with taking the final step in 2007 as becoming the Principal of Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio alongside Maxine. As well as learning and teaching dance, Ylanda has performed at various events throughout New South Wales, and has competed in Ballroom competitions all over Australia.
Miss Ylanda took 9 of her students to participate in our USA Dance Tour in January 2012 and 16 students in 2014 with performances at Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Hollywood Boulevard and Universal Studios in LA. She and her students also took part in classes at The Edge Dance Studio in LA and on Broadway in New York. In December 2016, she performed alongside 22 of her students on the Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas. Miss Ylanda says “these trips are an opportunity of a lifetime for myself and the students. We had an amazing time dancing in Disneyland and Universal Studios and learnt SOOO much from the amazing teachers in the USA dance studios.
Miss Ylanda has dedicated her life to dance and Maxi-Jazz, and enjoys nothing more than to see her students having fun, getting fit and confident by doing something they enjoy. She is like a proud mum of each and every student, every time they step onto the stage to perform!

FUN FACT:I started dancing 2 years of age due to turned in feet! I’m a movie buff! I love to chill out with my boys and watch movies, especially Disney ones!

It’s hard to pick but probably Jazz!

SHORT MESSAGE: This year is shaping up to be another incredible year. I am so motivated and excited to implement our new teaching programs and practices. I’m looking forward to watch all our students grow and shine in each and every aspect of their dance lives. I am so proud of my teaching team and the hard work they put in for our MJDS families and I cannot wait to continue to be a more supporting, motivating and inspiring leader. Together let’s make this year’s dance season absolutely amazing!

- Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management
- Level 1 AASCF Cheer Stunt + Tumbling Accreditation
- Registered Acrobatique Acro Dance Instructor
- First Aid

<span id="MIRANDA">MIRANDA HYLAND</span>


Team Leader and Senior Teacher

Miss Miranda has been dancing with Maxi-Jazz since 1996 and in 2008 she joined the teaching staff. Over this time she has studied many styles of dance including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue. Miss Miranda has participated in many performances and competitions over the years representing Maxi-Jazz everywhere she goes.
Along with being an enthusiastic and dedicated Senior Teacher, Miss Miranda holds a Bachelor of Primary Teaching/Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies and works as a Primary Teacher. She is a passionate dancer who always has a smile on her face. She takes pride in teaching dance to her students and loves to see them enjoy their classes just as much as she does.
Miss Miranda also joined Maxi-Jazz on their USA Dance Tour in January 2012, performing At Disneyland and Universal Studios in Los Angeles. She attended classes at The Edge Dance Studio in LA and on Broadway in New York.

FUN FACT: I started dancing 4 and a half years old. I started in the ‘Tiny Tots’ at the old studio location in Charlestown. I have an extra bone in each foot.

FAVOURITE STYLE:My favourite style would have to be Jazz. It was where I started all those years ago. It has given me my foundation for dance, body control and discipline I need to pursue other styles of dance. I feel at home in the style of Jazz where I can express my happy and smiling personality within my routines.

SHORT MESSAGE: This Year, I’m most excited about working within my role at the studio as team leader, meeting all our wonderful new families and watching our current students try something new. The friendships I have made here at MJDS I still hold so dear to me I love that I see the same thing happening with in our studio.

- Bachelor of Primary Teaching/Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies
- First Aid
- Anaphylaxis

<span id="ANNIE">ANNIE STEWART</span>


Team Leader

Miss Annie has been studying and teaching dance at Maxi-Jazz since 1992. Over the years, she has performed and taught styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Funk, Hip Hop, Cheer and Musical Theatre. She has performed at local festivals, shows, Ballroom competitions and other special events, and has enjoyed seeing many of her students do the same since beginning her Dance Teaching career in 2005.
Miss Annie is a Qualified Teacher currently teaching Primary School part-time, and holds a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies with a focus in Creative Arts.

FUN FACT: I started dancing with Miss Maxine at the age of 4. I have a daughter, Alexia who is continuing dancing with MJDS, and son called Zander.


SHORT MESSAGE:Hi everyone! I absolutely love Maxi-Jazz and am so excited about continuing my role behind the scenes this year. My passion is to inspire young people to have confidence and really love what they do and this is the best place for it.

- Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
- Graduate Certificate in Education Studies (Creative Arts)
- First Aid

<span id="DANIKA">DANIKA MOGENSEN</span>


Office Manager

Miss Danika is our Office Administrator and has been working at MJDS since 2018. Miss Danika Also moved to Australia in 2018. She has her Bachelor in International Business Administration as well as a minor in Economics from Western Washington University in the USA. Danika loves to bring her admin perspective to the MJDS Team.

FUN FACT: I have Bungee Jumped & Skydived


SHORT MESSAGE: I‘m so excited to welcome our new students as well as our continuing MJDS families. I’m your go to Office Lady, so don‘t be shy, I’m here to help.

- Bachelor International Business
- Bachelor of Arts
- Minor in Economics and Communications
- Associates Business Admin
- ILEAD Certification
- Working with Children Check
- First Aid Certificate

<span id="NIKI">NIKI NICOLAOU</span>


Senior Teacher

Miss Niki has been dance teaching since the age of 16, joining Maxi Jazz Dance Studio in 2013. Starting dance at the age of 4, she has trained in RAD Ballet, Khorabushka Character, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. Miss Niki is also certified in Pound Fit; a high energy combination of drumming and cardio (aka: seriously good fun!).

Miss Niki completed her Bachelor of Arts with a Psychology and Sociology major in 2014 . As well as teaching at MJDS, Miss Niki works as a foster care caseworker at Key Assets (The children’s provider in Wallsend). Miss Niki is getting married this year and will be taking a short break overseas between March and April to celebrate this milestone!

FUN FACT: I have danced for 23 years of my life.

FAVOURITE STYLE: I have a passion for contemporary because it gives me a sense of freedom to open up emotionally.

SHORT MESSAGE: I am excited for the year ahead and looking forward to welcoming new faces into our dance family. Our team has been busy reflecting on our practices and implementing improvements. Lets do this!

- First Aid (CPR)
- Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Sociology Majors)
- Certified Pound Fit Instructor
- Mental Health First Aid

<span id="HOLLY">HOLLY ROBINSON</span>


Senior Teacher

Miss Holly has been dancing with Maxi-Jazz since 2010. Over the years she has taken classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical and Tap and continues to study these styles of dance. In 2012, Miss Holly joined the teaching staff at Maxi-Jazz. This year she will once again be a senior teacher and one of our registered acrobatique AcroDance Instructors.

Over the years Miss Holly has performed in many local festivals, shows and events. In 2012 and 2014 she was a part of the Maxi-Jazz America Performance Troupe who travelled to the USA and performed at Disneyland, California Adventure Park and Universal Studios. In 2017, Miss Holly also started competing in dance competitions with Maxi-Jazz and is excited to once again continue this. As well as being a dedicated Senior Teacher

Miss Holly is also currently studying at The University of Newcastle completing a Bachelor of Business majoring in Sport and Tourism Management.

FUN FACT: I began dancing at the age of 7 in 2002. I danced for 8 years before moving to Maxi-Jazz in 2010. As well as dancing I have always played and loved sport and have played many different types since the age of 5.


SHORT MESSAGE: Hi Everyone! I am so excited for this dance season and I hope you all are as well! I cannot wait to see all of our old students again and welcome the new faces that are coming into our dance family this year. I’m looking forward to meeting you all when classes start back!

-First Aid (CPR)
- Bachelor of Business
- Registered Acrobatique AcroDance Instructor



Senior Teacher

Miss Chelsea has been dancing with Maxi-Jazz for 13 years and joined the teaching team in 2013.
She is also currently completing her degree in Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary). Over the years Miss Chelsea has taken classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Cheerleading.

Miss Chelsea has participated in many performances throughout the years such as Mattara Festival and Wallsend Winter Carnival. In 2014 she travelled the Disneyland and Universal Studios with the MJDS America Performance Troupe and in 2016, was a member of the MJDS Cruise Performance Troupe who performed on the Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas. In 2017, Miss Chelsea became a proud member of our MJDS competition team.
Miss Chelsea has a passion for Cheerleading, taking on the Competition Cheer Team for 2018, and is an AASCF Accredited Coach.

FUN FACT: I began dancing at the age of 10 in Miss Ylanda’s Jazz class at Garden Suburbs Hall! I have done nearly every sport you can think of!


SHORT MESSAGE: I cannot wait for the dance year to start! I’m excited to meet all our new faces and to welcome back our old faces! This year is going to be so much fun!

- Level 1 AASCF Cheer Stunt + Tumbling Accreditation
- Studying Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Teaching
- First Aid and CPR
- Anaphylaxis
- Working with Children Check

<span id="GEORGIA">GEORGIA WAY</span>


Senior Teacher and Community Coordinator

Miss Georgia has been dancing for 14 years now with Maxi-Jazz and has loved each and every year and is also studying a Bachelor of Social Science at Newcastle University.
Over the years, Miss Georgia has taken classes in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Cheerleading and has recently become involved in the Competition World. This year, will be Miss Georgia’s 4th year working on the MJDS teaching staff.

In 2016, Miss Georgia was a part of the Maxi-Jazz Cruise Performance Troupe performing on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of The Seas.

This year, in 2018, Miss Georgia has attained her AASCF Cheer Accreditation.

FUN FACT: I began dancing at the age of 5 at Maxi-Jazz in Miss Maxine’s Junior 1 Jazz class (and Miss Ylanda as the assistant teacher haha!). As well as juggling school and dancing, I have played Netball for 12 years.


SHORT MESSAGE: I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the new things to come in 2018, including the new class structures, an added studio, mid-year showcase and much more! I can’t wait to see all the new and old faces within our studio.

- First Aid and CPR Qualification
- Level 1 AASCF Cheer Stunt + Tumbling Accreditation
- LGTDS Tap Exams: Pre Test, Test 1 2 3, Bronze Medal, Gold MEdal
- Studying Criminology Majored Social Science Degree
- Aboriginal Competency Certified
- Working with Children Check

<span id="MORGAN">MORGAN CREEK</span>


Photographer and Experience Enhancer

Even though Miss Morgan is our newest team member, she‘s definitely not new to our studio! Miss Morgan has been with our MJDS dance Fam since she was 5 years old so she’s knows our studio culture and values very well and we’re excited to have her as our Photographer and Experience Enhancer!

Miss Morgan has been dancing with Maxi-Jazz since 2001. Over the years she has taken classes in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Ballroom and Latin. In this time she has participated in many performances, local shows and events. In 2014, she was apart of the MJDS America Performance Troupe which travelled to Disneyland and Universal Studios and 2016 took part in the MJDS Cruise Performance Troupe who performed on the Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas. Since 2017, she has also enjoyed being a member of the MJDS competition team. In 2018 she completed 6 LGTDA Tap exams and is excited to keep going with them.

Miss Morgan also has a passion for photography. Opening her own photography business, Alice Photography, in 2011. The last couple of years she has been able to combine her two passions together and has been photographing many MJDS events and performances. Miss Morgan is excited to be joining the MJDS team this year and can’t wait to capture more memories for our students and families.





<span id="TAYLOR">TAYLOR CLIMAS</span>


Junior Teacher

Miss Taylor has been dancing with Maxi-Jazz for the past 8 years and has loved every single moment.
She is currently completing her HSC this year. She joined the Assistant Training Program in 2017 and is joining the Maxi-Jazz staffing team this year. Over the years of being with Maxi-Jazz, Miss Taylor has trained in the styles of Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Cheerleading and Contemporary.

In 2016, Miss Taylor was a part of the Maxi-Jazz Cruise Performance Troupe on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of The Seas.

FUN FACT: I have danced since the age of 3 and moved to Maxi-Jazz when I was 10. Along with dancing, I have also played water polo and participated in swimming training.


SHORT MESSAGE: I am super excited for what the 2018 dance season holds for us all and I cannot wait to learn so many new skills throughout the year. I am looking forward to meeting all of our amazing students.

- First Aid and CPR
- Working with Children Check
- Studying Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary School Teaching
- HSC Certificate

<span id="ELISE">ELISE SELLICK</span>


Admin Team

Miss Elise is our behind the scenes Admin extraordinaire and has been working at MJDS since 2016! She is a 27 year old full-time mum to 3 precious little boys.

Prior to becoming a mum in 2013, Miss Elise worked as an office administrator at a financial planning firm.
Miss Elise is no stranger to dance, dancing for approximately 20 years in the styles of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary & even a little bit of Ballroom Dancing. She also enjoyed playing Netball for many years.
In 2012, Miss Elise was a part of Maxi Jazz’s first USA Performance Troupe visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios and Broadway.

FUN FACT: I have been dancing in various locations since I was 3 years old & have been dancing with Maxi Jazz since I was 17. My favourite colour is green & my favourite food is chocolate.


SHORT MESSAGE: I am so excited to be on staff again at Maxi Jazz this year & look forward to being a part of celebrating all that MJDS represents. Although I might be behind-the-scenes a lot, I am looking forward to seeing our students continue to develop a love of dance in 2018!

It is a safe, positive environment with emphasis on developing confidence, being a team player and acceptance of each individual child and their abilities and a positive influence on body image and encouraging our girls to be strong, confident and happy. And this is only made possible because of Ylanda, Maxine and all their staff. I stay because I know my daughter is in a positive, healthy environment surrounded by excellent role models in her teachers and the principals.

– Carla, Dance Parent at Maxi-Jazz