Our MJDS uniforms help cultivate a sense of belonging and team spirit amongst students!

Uniforms are important in all classes at MJDS as it helps to create a sense of belonging and studio pride. It also ensures the safety of our dancers as it allows our teachers to see the students body and alignments and are able to correct students for safe technique and dance practise, even for our MINI students. 

We have varied styles of uniforms available to purchase suitable for all students.

If you already have a dance uniform, please check with your class teacher if it is acceptable or not.

It’s also important that you have the correct footwear for the different styles of dance and cheer. Upon enrolment we encourage you to purchase the correct footwear for your class styles, or wear a comfy shoe that does not have a rubber sole, or the slippery sole that can sometime be found on the department store ballet slippers until you’re ready to purchase the correct shoes.

We highly encourage student be in full uniform as soon as possible as this helps with the settling process – they feel part of the ”tribe’ right away!

Below is a list of the correct uniform and what is acceptable to be worn for all dance styles.

  • Correct footwear is required to be worn for each style of dance.
  • Hair is to be pulled back off your face at all times.
  • No food or chewing gum in class. (If your child is doing multiple classes in a row they may bring a small snack to have in between).
  • NO mobile phones to be in class, if absolutely needed then they are to be switched off during class.
  • All students must have the correct uniform by week 6 of term 1.
  • No responsibility will be taken for lost or stolen property. Please only bring what you need to dance with. Please make sure everything has your name on it.


Our Maxi-Jazz uniform colours are Hot Pink and Black. We are so proud of our beautifully designed uniforms in our signature colours, and we have a range of styles to suit every student!

You’re more than welcome to wear anything that you already have at home within the studio colours. Your class teacher can advise you if it is suitable or not.

Located at our Cameron Park Studio. All uniform items and all your dancing needs are available from our dance retail shop. Opening hours during school terms only are from Monday to Thursday between 4 pm and 7 pm. Please click here for more information about our products from our Dance Retail Shop.


  • Black Dance Pants (Tight, Baggy or 3/4 ), shorts or jazz skirt
  • Black or Hot Pink Singlet top, crop top, crossover or T-Shirt
  • Black Leotard
  • Jazz – Black Jazz Shoes
  • CheerDance – Black Jazz Shoes
  • Pom – Black Jazz Shoes
  • Tap – Tan Tap Shoes


  • Black Pants or Shorts
  • Black or white Plain T-Shirt or Singlet
  • Jazz – Black Jazz Shoes
  • CheerDance – Black Jazz Shoes
  • Pom – Black Jazz Shoe
  • Tap – Black Lace-up Tap Shoes

If you have any questions or wanting to purchase a uniform, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0402 025 792 during the hours above or email us at maxijazzzdancestudio@hotmail.com