AcroDance Workshop

Wednesday 11th July


*Workshops available*
10.00am – 10:45am – Tiny Tumblers (ages 3-4) – $14
10.50am – 11.35am – Kindy Acro (5-6) – $14
11.40am – 12.40pm – Bronze AcroDance (7+) – $17
12.45pm – 1.45pm – Silver AcroDance (7+) – $17
1.50pm – 2.50pm – Gold AcroDance (7+) – $17

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Please see detail below to ensure you select the correct class.

Open to all students ages 3 years and up.

Our Tiny Tumbler class follows the Acrobatique Program in which students aged between 3 and 5 will develop the strong foundational skills, knowledge base, and appreciation of AcroDance that will be of benefit to them no matter what their future path may be – all while done in a safe, challenging, and very fun environment! At the same time, children will learn how to be in a class, develop their focus and listening skills, and learn co-operative skills all whilst making new friends.

Our KindyAcro class follows the Acrobatique curriculum which builds on the same foundational skills, knowledge base and appreciation for AcroDance that our Tiny Tumblers receive as well as the developmental steps that follow into our AcroDance program.

ACRODANCE  (Bronze, Silver and Gold for students in Tweens and upwards / ages 7 and up)Acro Dance is a stunningly beautiful art form. It is also highly athletic, very difficult, and can be unsafe if not taught and executed safely. It is a genre of dance which seamlessly fuses elements of lyrical gymnastics tricks, balancing, tumbling, and jazz. Students learn Acrobatic tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials, and tumbling lines.
For stronger dancers, superior technique, and incredible results, we offer the Acrobatique Curriculum. The Gold Standard AcroDance education program is a strong, effective and innovative curriculum that provides ongoing education opportunities and support for our MJDS Qualified Acro teachers to ensure we’re providing students with the latest safe, efficient and progressive teaching methods.

  • Bronze AcroDance – Little to no previous acro experience
  • Silver Acrodance – Student will be able to confidently perform all of the following:
    – Square Cartwheel R & L side, One Handed Cartwheel R & L side, Bridge, Bridge inside-out & Bridge walking, forwards and backwards rolls, Handstand, Headstand and Walkover (assisted or unassisted)
  • Gold AcroDance – Students will be able to confidently perform all of Silver requirements PLUS the following
    – Open Cartwheel R & L side, Shoulder Roll R & L Side, Bridge Recover / Kickover, Handstand into Bridge, Chest Stand, and Roll-over Bridge Prep.


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